2022 Chinook Redd Ale Release

Hey everyone, it’s that time of year again.  Fall is here, and so is one of our all time favorite seasonal brews, the Chinook Redd! 

Every year we brew this delicious northwest take on an Irish Red Ale and release it around the same time as the fall Chinook Salmon run, when the salmon start to head up river to spawn.  This beer is hoppy, it’s malty, and it’s perfect for both warm days and cool nights.  Can you possibly ask for more in a beer?!

We brew the Chinook Redd annually as a charity beer and as a means to spread awareness and promote the protection of our local waterways and the native salmon populations that reside within them.  Chinook Salmon are particularly vulnerable to many of the stressors that human activity has put on natural waterways.  The biggest of these stressors are habitat destruction and blocked access to spawning grounds.  For this reason, we always brew our Chinook Redd with salmon-safe hops.  These are hops that are grown using farming practices that do not affect nearby streams, leaving them in great shape for salmon and other native species

As usual, a portion of the proceeds for this beer will be donated to our local watershed associations, The Coos Watershed Association and The Coquille Watershed Association.  Visit their websites to find out about events you can participate in to help clean up and restore our local watersheds, and/or to make additional monetary contributions.

You can find this beer on tap in both of our pubs, as well as several restaurants and bars throughout our community.  Stop in for a pint, or fill a growler to take home with you!  And keep your eyes peeled for a limited release of bottles soon.

Cheers y’all!