Farewell Dana!!!

Today marks the oft-dreaded moment we knew would arrive eventually—Dana Rieck, our esteemed Sales and Delivery Director, is stepping into the well-deserved realm of retirement. As we bid farewell on his officially scheduled last day, we find ourselves reflecting on Dana’s profound impact on 7 Devils Brewing Co.

Dana’s journey with us began with the creation of the stained-glass murals adorning our pub’s entryway. We commissioned him to help us create a piece that evoked the same feelings of walking to meet the seashore after a long day — restorative and reinvigorating. One look up and you’ll understand why Dana was the right pick for that commission. From that artistic inception, he seamlessly transitioned into the role of our primary salesperson a few months later. Since then, Dana has become an integral part of our brewery, wielding his dedication to exceptional customer service to conquer tap handles and carve out a niche for us in the competitive craft beer market.

His unwavering commitment to prioritizing community partnerships over sheer volume sales has not only shaped our wholesale accounts but has also echoed the core mission of our brewery. Dana’s personal touch with account staff transformed business relationships into partnerships, embodying our principles of peace, love, music, and beer. Beyond his role in retail interactions, Dana has been a guiding force for our brew team, offering invaluable advice as we crafted new beers and products. His artistic flair and distinctive aesthetic have left an indelible mark on our branding and pub design, influencing the very essence of 7 Devils over the years.

As Dana takes his well-deserved leave, we acknowledge the void left by his unyielding commitment to quality products and customer service. We’ll miss his insightful perspectives that touched nearly every facet of our business. Dana has always treated this place as if it were his own, and we hope he’ll always consider 7 Devils as his home turf. With any luck he’ll come home to see us often and continue to share his wisdom and company with us.  

Join us in expressing gratitude to Dana for his instrumental role in shaping the 7 Devils brand into what it is today, and for the genuine friendship he has shared with us along the way. Cheers to you, Dana, and may your retirement be as rich and varied as the legacy you leave behind. 

Join us too in welcoming Travis Reed, as Dana’s successor. Travis has already demonstrated skills with people and a level of organization that makes him a worthy replacement. We believe that his unique experiences and capabilities will build upon and enhance the framework laid down by Dana. Cheers to Travis! 

Dana with his beautiful stained-glass in the background - both fixtures of 7 Devils!
Which one is the real Dana??? Head brewer Anders Hansen dressing up as Dana for Halloween 2018.
Carmen, Sam, Shawn, Dana, Anders, Carly, Annie and Dorian
Sam, Jonah, Carmen, and Dana
Dana and Jamie at the 7 Devils 10 year celebration!